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Kurt Wells Simple Easy Weight Loss Plan

If you have been looking for a weight loss plan that works but costs no money, you are looking for the  Simple Easy Weight Loss Plan eBook. It’s an easy read that explains how I lost over 50 pounds without going hungry, buying expensive equipment or joining a gym. It’s based on proven, common sense, scientific principles that anyone can use to change take control of their weight and good health. Click the image below or just go to the About page on this site to get it

 Simple Easy Weight Loss Plan

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Hi! I’m Kurt Wells – welcome to my blog about weight loss! If you want tips, news and information about weight loss strategies, books and general good health, this is going to be a good spot. As you can see from my picture I’m no spring chicken. I have struggled with my weight on and off for most of my life. i have tried many different diets (Ugh! Bad Word!) and exercise plans to lose weight and keep it off. Most of them either did not work very well and some may have put my life and health in jeopardy! I found that for best results, losing weight had to be more about better – sensible nutrition or food choices and physical activity in methods and amounts that I could and would sustain over long periods of time. I found diets don’t work very well for me. I don’t like being hungry. I don’t like crazy diet plans that require a lot of special shopping, prepping, and clean up. That doesn’t make me bad. It probably makes me just like you! Hey, if I’m way off here or right on, you can let me know – i like hearing from other people that have struggled like I have or have stories of their own to share! That comment box at the bottom or the balloon at the top of the post is there for you to jump in!

So expect to find good information here and for sure some inspiration and common experiences. If you are interested, there’s a free eBook about what worked best  for me – I lost over fifty pounds with out going hungry of signing up at the gym – you can get it on the about page.

Don’t be a stranger. Tell me what you think and what you want to know more about.  I promise to do my best to get it for you!